АО “Казахстанский центр индустрии и экспорта” От Стратегического Консалтинга до Отраслевых Решений

SPRI hosts visit from Kazakhstan Cluster Development Centre, KIDI to the Basque Country

Опубликовано: 26 Июня, 2018г. 21:08 | 525

SPRI hosted a delegation from Kazakhstan gathering the Cluster Development Centre, Kazakhstan Industry Development Institute (KIDI), in charge of implementing the cluster policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the Almaty furniture Cluster.

This visit to the Basque Country has been organised in the framework of the project "Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Competitiveness” to develop the cluster policy in the Regions of Kazakhstan, financed by the World Bank.

The main objective of this study tour was to know about different experiences in innovation and cluster policy management, internationalisation processes, efficiency and productivity programmes, BIM methodology and SME competitiveness support. Along three days the Kazakh delegation visited, besides SPRI, GAIA and HABIC cluster organisations and some of their member companies, and other local institutions.

Источник: www.clustercollaboration.eu

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